Career Mentoring

This workgroup was established to empower middle school students who show an interest in STEM. The initial plan was to have STEM professionals mentor students in City Schools robotics program and guide them towards STEM career paths. The workgroup discovered that, though interest in mentoring was high, insufficient STEM professional were available to mentor students through after school robotics teams. Instead, the workgroup shifted to developing a speakers series of STEM professionals to provide guidance as part of robotics events.

Need: Students interested in STEM careers need guidance and support to take the next steps into STEM careers.

Objective: Provide STEM professionals as speakers at City Schools’ robotics competitions to connect with students and families and share career opportunities.


  • Number of speakers provided
  • Number of students in attendance at events

Current Status: Provided 5 speakers at 4 robotics events during the 2019-2020 school year to reach an estimated 450 students and their families (prior to switching to virtual instruction due to the pandemic). The infrastructure is now in place to continue the speakers series as a part of City Schools’ robotics program.


List of Members:

  • Mike Hinkey, Self-employed Management Consultant
  • Gino Tagaytay, Baltimore City Schools
  • Eric Davis, UPS
  • Ed Mullin, Think Systems

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