Expanded Learning Opportunities

How is a school or community group to decide what after-school and summer opportunities (i.e., expanded learning opportunities) to offer? There are many programs to choose from, but administrators and parents may not be aware of all the options, or have all the information they need, to make the best decisions.

Need:  Schools and community groups need additional information to make informed choices in building STEM partnerships for expanded learning opportunities.

Objective: Determine high-quality criteria and a vetting process for BmoreSTEM endorsement in a partnership database of expanded learning opportunities.


  • Publication of criteria for BmoreSTEM endorsement of expanded learning opportunities
  • Publication of a list of BmoreSTEM endorsed STEM expanded learning opportunities

Current Status:

  • Identified City Schools’ Partners in Education (PIE) database portal for use with BmoreSTEM
  • Provided training for the Out of School Time (OST) community to join City Schools’ Partners in Education (PIE) Portal (27 people participated)
  • Established initial criteria for BmoreSTEM endorsement (10 organizations currently hold the BmoreSTEM endorsement)
  • Currently working on developing criteria for a higher level endorsement


Dawn Shirey
Dawn Shirey