STEM Expanded Learning Database

There are many after-school and summer opportunities (i.e., expanded learning opportunities) in Baltimore City. Administrators and parents have a plethera of choices but may not be aware of them all.  How is a school or community group to decide what to offer?

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Need:  Schools and community groups need additional information to make informed choices in building STEM partnerships for expanded learning opportunities.

Objective:  To determine high-quality criteria and a vetting process for the creation of a STEM partnership database.

Metrics:   Increased overall quality and quantity of STEM expanded learning partnerships.

Details:  Connecting with City Schools Office of Communications & Community Engagement to add potential providers to the Partners in Education Database which was launched in August 2019.  Initially all potentially STEM related partners would be given the opportunity to add their information to the database.   This workgroup would determine how to vet programs in order to provide a STEM Ecosystem designation that would represent an additional layer of quality control.The workgroup may consider the use of the Dimensions of Success Observation Tool or other instruments that will help to identify high quality programming.  A communication and distribution process for community organizations outside of city schools will also need to be determined and implemented.


Ellie Mitchell

Dawn Shirley