Add More Offerings

Below you will find online forms for you to submit information about additional offerings to be considered for inclusion in the knowledge base. The knowledge base contains information about STEM Attractions, Events, and Programs. The focus of the knowledge base is on offerings that Baltimore City Public School students and their families can attend. The repository information predominantly corresponds to offerings (attractions, events, and programs) of BmoreSTEM member organizations, but other relevant offerings are welcomed. Choose the form corresponding to the type of offering you wish to add:

  • Attractions: Submit details about other existing attractions (STEM-Rich institutions, places of interest, such as Museums, Zoos or Science Centers).
  • Events: Submit details about other existing one-shot events (occurrences like STEM fairs, Expositions, Robotics Competitions, etc. open to the public).
  • Programs: Submit details about other existing in-school and out-of-school STEM programs (opportunities, such as clubs, teams, or academic programs at specific schools or 3rd party provider locations).

Note: Submissions will be reviewed before appearing on the website.