BmoreSTEM (version 1.0) is a volunteer-based organization. The tasks we accomplish are completed by groups of volunteers drawn from our membership. These groups are called workgroups. A BmoreSTEM workgroup is temporary, focused, and impact-driven.  Workgroups are formed to address a significant need and meet a specific objective. Workgroups include representatives from multiple sectors.  An ideal workgroup will have ten + or – participants.  Other BmoreSTEM members can support a workgroup by request of that workgroup. Workgroups are led by two co-chairs.  At least one co-chair represents the workgroup on the Working Board.  The co-chair on the Working Board acts as a liaison between the workgroup and the Working Board. Both co-chairs provide leadership for the operation of the workgroup. Workgroups identify a strategy that permits the workgroup to achieve the objective within a practical timeline.  Workgroups identify a metric so that their progress is measurable. Workgroups form when there is a specific task to be tackled and disband when their task is complete. 

The following active workgroups demonstrate what cross-sector collaboration can accomplish. Ideas for additional workgroups continue to incubate and additional workgroups will be launched when approved by the Working Board.

Advanced STEM Courses

  • Need: Students should have equitable access to advanced math and science courses that prepare them for college STEM majors.
  • Objective: Provide students with advanced math and science dual enrollment courses.

Alternative Spring Break

  • Need: Alleviate the shortage of certified teachers in STEM content areas.
  • Objective: Create a program for STEM majors from local colleges and universities to volunteer in K-12 STEM classes during their spring breaks and learn about possible teaching careers.

Career Mentoring

  • Need: Students interested in STEM careers need guidance and support to take the next steps into STEM careers.
  • Objective: Provide STEM professionals as speakers at City Schools’ robotics competitions to connect with students and families and share career opportunities.

Curriculum-Embedded STEM Experiences

  • Need: Students should have equitable access to meaningful STEM learning experiences.
  • Objective: Create a citywide registration, ticketing, and transportation system for curriculum-embedded STEM experiences that is user-friendly, centralized, and sustainable.

Expanded Learning Opportunities

  • Need:  Schools and community groups need additional information to make informed choices in building STEM partnerships for expanded learning opportunities.
  • Objective: Determine high-quality criteria and a vetting process for BmoreSTEM endorsement in a partnership database of expanded learning opportunities.

Student Advisory Council

  • Need: Students interested in being at the table to influence the development of a sustainable Baltimore STEM Ecosystem
  • Objective:


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