About Us

How is BmoreSTEM organized? 

BmoreSTEM is structured around three supporting organizational groups. The heart of BmoreSTEM are its members. The working board leads the organization. Flexible workgroups are convened to accomplish the work.

Individual Members

Anyone can join BmoreSTEM. Members receive ecosystem communications, are invited to annual meetings, can serve on working groups, and propose new workgroups. BmoreSTEM membership has representatives across a broad spectrum of sectors.


Workgroups are formed to address specific needs and are led by co-chairs. Workgroups consist of members, from multiple sectors, working together to achieve a narrowly defined objective with a clear metric for success. Workgroups dissolve after meeting their objectives and are replaced by new workgroups.

Working Board

The working board consists of one co-chair from each workgroup, a chair, a coordinator, and additional sector members, as necessary, to maintain cross-sector representation. The working board oversees workgroups, approves all funding requests, and sets policies and procedures.