Secondary STEM Teacher Recruitment

  • Need: Alleviate the shortage of certified teachers in STEM content areas.
  • Objective: Create a framework and implement a pilot program for training, recruiting, and hiring secondary STEM teachers through non-traditional channels.
  • Strategy/Activities: Alternative Spring Break for undergraduate STEM majors
  • Metrics:
    • Number of undergraduate STEM majors placed in schools for Alternative Spring Break (ASB)
    • Change (increased or decreased) perception of teaching science in public schools
    • Number of City schools participating
    • Number of colleges participating
    • Pre/Post survey from students
  • Current Status: Planning to launch in 2022 (students, teachers, and schools had all been set to launch in 2020 but it was cancelled due to COVID-19)


Christian Anderson

Kia Boose

Kia Boose

List of Members:

  • Dr. Christian Anderson – Morgan State University
  • Kia Boose – Secondary Science Education Specialist
  • Alisha Sparks – JHU
  • Dr. Afra Hersi -Loyola University MD
  • Allison Dillon – Northrop Grumman
  • Dr. Juliann Dupuis – Notre Dame of MD University
  • Maceo Cooper – Science Lead Douglass High School
  • Dr. Willie Rockward – Morgan State University
  • Dr. TaShara Bailey – University of Maryland, Baltimore

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