Student Advisory Council

BmoreSTEM Ecosystem launched the Student Advisory Council (SAC) on July 10, 2020. Baltimore City students from local middle schools, high school and colleges convened virtually to get to know each other, learn about BmoreSTEM’s vision and mission. The SAC will be meeting once a month during the school year to develop a plan and execute goals for the year. Check back here to learn more about each of our Student Advisory Council members (STEMbassadors) and how you can get involved!

Need: Students should have a voice and influence new and existing STEM programming throughout Baltimore.

Objective: The SAC will be the voice of students in the City, the sounding board for BmoreSTEM’s workgroup initiatives, and ambassadors and leaders in STEM in their schools, neighborhoods, and communities.


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Current Status: Monthly meetings for school year 2021-22 are occurring. We are accepting applications for new STEMbassadors.

Current STEMBassadors:

Lynijah, 9th Grade
I participated in the UMB CURE Scholars Program, where I studied Henrietta Lacks’s cells start NIH for an entire spring, to study how they multiplied. I joined BmoreSTEM Ecosystem SAC in order to get the experience that I know I will carry throughout my life and will remember how amazing STEM is to me. I believe STEM is everywhere and I believe that my purpose is to save the world one Cure at a time.
Khadim, 7th grade,
I participate in STEM through the Ingenuity Program at my school where I learn Singapore Math and also technology and science. I joined BmoreSTEM Ecosystem SAC in order to help other kids learn about STEM.I also like to play chess.
Tobius, College Sophmore
From 2018-2020, I participated in the High School Involvement Program by Northrop Grumman, where I worked with two Northrop Grumman employees over two years to develop a STEM project proposal and presentation. I joined BmoreSTEM Ecosystem SAC in order to give back to my community. I want to support others who share the same interest for STEM as I do.
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Shamariah, College Senior

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Zen, 12th Grade

Student Advisory Committee Co-Chairs:

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