BmoreSTEM 2.0

BmoreSTEM is currently operating as a volunteer-based organization which we call BmoreSTEM 1.0. The purpose of the BmoreSTEM 2.0 workgroup is to take our organization to a new level which we call BmoreSTEM 2.0. The major differences between BmoreSTEM 1.0 and 2.0 are that in its next incarnation are:

  • BmoreSTEM 2.10 will have staff (full or part-time)
  • BmoreSTEM will have official non-profit status
  • BmoreSTEM will have a formal organizational infrastructure (It will be an entity of its own or under an existing umbrella / backbone organization)

The BmoreSTEM 2.0 workgroup:

  • Need: BmoreSTEM needs sustainable infrastructure to grow STEM in Baltimore.
  • Objective: Develop BmoreSTEM infrastructure and cultivate resources to make it sustainable.
  • Strategy/Activities: Developing strategic plan for ecosystem
    building with both the current workgroup initiatives and the
    broader impact this ecosystem seeks to have.
  • Metric: TBD as we solidify the broader impact this ecosystem
    seeks to have.


Myra Norton

Jay Harvey

List of Members:

  • Dianne Conley
  • Kevin Leary
  • Joshua Gabrielse
  • Jeanna McGuirk
  • Christine Newman
  • Natalie Janiszewski
  • Nevada Winrow

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