Jaden Roles AmeriCorps VISTA joins BmoreSTEM

Hi everyone, my name is Jaden Roles. I am the new BmoreSTEM VISTA serving at the Baltimore City Public Schools administration building. I am from Baltimore, Maryland, and I am a recent graduate of ACCE (Academy for Career and College Exploration) which I attended for 4 years. Growing up, I was the youngest of 5 siblings, 3 brothers, and 2 sisters. I was always the quiet and introverted person out of the family, so joining AmeriCorps is definitely out of my comfort zone which I need. In high school, I was shadowed people, always wanting someone else to act for me. Once graduation came, I promised myself to be more assertive, social and reveal the side I wanted to show.

I asked myself “Why should I join AmeriCorps?” multiple times. I had plenty of options to choose where I wanted to spend my time. Also, my friends and family offered various opinions. The advice they gave me was very much appreciated but I believed I was destined for something else. I wanted to give back and help others like others helped me. I didn't graduate or even get this opportunity to be a part of the STEM community by myself. I was blessed with amazing mentors from an organization called Thread and also I was given more feedback upon joining Americorps. One of my mentors told me, “Do what you love and everything else will follow”. This team that I have joined has already started providing me with the tools I can apply in the business world and also in my personal life.

I am going to bring 110% effort every day. This line of work is very much new to me, but I love a challenge. The promise I made at graduation to more assertive is finally coming to be. I will continue giving back with Americorps.

My role at BmoreSTEM is a Capacity Building Specialist. I document policies and procedures. I research other STEM ecosystems nationally. I support implementation of the BmoreSTEM website. I assist workgroups to help them be successful. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at bmorestemnet@gmail.com.

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