Digital Badges



With funding from the Mozilla and McArthur Foundations, MOST launched a pilot project in pursuit of a Digital Badge Ecosystem in 2016. This project-based learning initiative aimed to revolutionize the demonstration of STEM knowledge in out-of-school time environments.

In partnership with the Digital Harbor Foundation, 4 STEM Badges are available for completion here.

The badges platform and design are the result of the hard work DHF and MOST are doing to close the digital literacy gap impacting thousands of students in the city of Baltimore. Through badges, we aim to align informal learning with NGSS and 21st Century Standards.

Digital Badges are…

  • Micro-certifications that demonstrate specific skills to potential employers
  • Tokens that recognize achievements that go unrecognized by formal assessments
  • Accepted by organizations and schools
  • Issued by members of the Open Badge Community