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BmoreSTEM is proud to join 36 other Communities of Practice across the United States as part of the larger STEM Ecosystem Initiative. The Ecosystems are supported by a mix of over 20 education-focused private and corporate foundations working together to increase the knowledge and expertise of grantmakers investing in STEM, to leverage collective resources, and collaborate on high-impact projects that could not be undertaken alone.


BmoreSTEM is a cross-sector collaboration working to build, promote, and sustain a STEM learning culture throughout Baltimore City. STEM learning happens everywhere, and BmoreSTEM seeks to connect and align STEM learning opportunities to ensure greater impact and outcomes for all of Baltimore’s young people that will, in turn, develop a thriving STEM economy in the region.


BmoreSTEM is committed to following design principles as our shared vision:

Equity – STEM educational experiences should be offered to every learner in Baltimore. BmoreSTEM commits to equity as an underlying priority and practice, and will strategically support efforts to make STEM opportunities more relevant and accessible to the populations currently underrepresented in the region’s STEM post-secondary education and careers.

Collaboration and Alignment – Collaboration and partnerships are core to any ecosystem model. BmoreSTEM will value participation and stakeholder voice across all sectors to emphasize alignment of learning across in-school and out-of-school environments. Since STEM learning is a continuous process, BmoreSTEM supports ongoing professional development opportunities for formal and informal educators.

Pathways – In the knowledge economy of the 21st Century, STEM literacy is essential. We will work to build a more robust STEM literate citizenry and to connect learning to the STEM workforce through economic pathways and initiatives.